BioKing Probiotic Odour Neutraliser

Our Probiotic Odour Neutraliser provides a proven and long-term approach to odour control.

Odours are a major problem in many situations. Products such as air fresheners are generally perfumes that use a strong, pleasant smell to mask the bad odour, but they usually work for only a short time and are easily overpowered.

A range of chemical odour counteractant technologies have been developed and are now used in major retail brands. However, BioKing’s Odour Neutraliser provides a combination of these technologies plus probiotic microbes, which gives a three-pronged attack on odour problems.

How our Probiotic Odour Neutraliser works

BioKing Odour Neutraliser is a unique liquid combining innovative chemistry using application-specific probiotic microbes. This offers a proven innovative and effective long-term approach to odour control.

Our three-pronged attack on odour problems works as follows:

  1. The fragrance which is lemon grass essential oil helps to immediately reduce the malodour.

  2. The odour counteractant then binds any existing odour molecules, preventing them from being detected by the nose.

  3. The application-specific probiotic microbes in the product produce enzymes that degrade organic matter such as proteins in the application area. The products of this degradation are then taken into the bacteria cells and used for growth. The slow breakdown of these materials, which would otherwise result in the formation of many malodourous compounds, cannot occur and the odour is prevented at the source. This probiotic microbial product has also been proven capable of the degradation of volatile fatty acids (VFA’s).

 BioKing Odour Neutraliser Applications

  • Washrooms

  • Carpets and fabric care

  • Vehicle interiors

  • Refuse and Recycling collection areas

  • Pet cages and pens

  • Agricultural production facilities

  • Disaster remediation

  • Large scale application e.g. landfill sites

Odour Neutraliser is highly effective against spoiled food, fish, cigarette smoke and other odorous compounds