BioKing Probiotic Hand Cleanser

A hand cleanser that’s better for your skin.

The problem with many hand sanitisers is that they’re made from alcohol. Which is great at killing bacteria. Unfortunately, it kills all bacteria – including the health natural bacterias that are present on your skin.

BioKing’s Probiotic Hand Cleanser kills any bad bacteria (pathogens) that might have found their way to your hands, while keeping your skin natural biome in tact.

How our Probiotic Hand Cleanser works

Our probiotic hand cleanser utilises moisturising ingredients with the addition of probiotics to keep hands sanitised whilst maintaining a healthy microbiome on the skin.

The minty fragrance eliminates the chemical smell associated with hand sanitisers, leaving hands nourished, fresh and clean.

Many alcohol-only based sanitisers can strip the skin of all beneficial probiotics and damage the skin with prolonged use. BioKing’s Hand Cleanser does not.

Safer for your hands

  • Non-toxic

  • Alcohol free

  • Child Safe

  • Eco-friendly

BioKing Probiotic Hand Cleanser is made to a WHO-approved formula, killing up to 99.999% of bad bacteria (pathogens) as well as human coronavirus and other enveloped viruses.